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at Speak Out Sisterhood

Elevate youth to eradicate barriers to equality for women in STEM.

3D Round Ridges

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3D Round Ridges

Our Next Event:

The meeting link is here.

We are Speaking Out.

Speak Out Sisterhood is a global network of women of all career levels

dedicated to the advancement of women in STEM. Interested in being a part of our organization? Members of Speak Out Sisterhood benefit greatly from our wide variety of programs, connections within the organization, and unique opportunities.

3D Round Ridges

Why We Matter

Young women deserve to pursue STEM in a world devoid of stereotypes, hostility, and barriers to career advancement. We're making it happen.

Watch Our Interest Meeting Video!

If you are interested in joining the network of Speak Out Sisterhood, we suggest that you watch our interest meeting video recording. At the interest meeting, we discussed the vision and goals of Speak Out Sisterhood, as well as how members like you can get involved.



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